ODOL Web Converter

by T_D and kindly hosted by Bytex Digital


This web service allows you to convert binarized .p3d files (in ODOL format) to editable MLOD format. This process is also refered to as debinarization. The purpose of this conversion is to allow you to educate yourself of how something is done or realized in a certain model and how many points, faces and sections it consists of.

  • The conversion is for educational purposes only!
  • It is not intended to help you to copy, steal or sell content of others!

Important Notes

In the binarization process some information is lost, so the debinarization process is not completely reversable. Hence, the resulting MLOD p3d of the conversion does not exactly match the original MLOD p3d used for binarization. Here a list of things that can be different:

  • Complex geometry is distorted! to defy thiefs (visible LODs only).
  • The result has more points, because there are no shared points in an ODOL.
  • Some named selection could be missing, because some are deleted while binarization.
  • The mass distribution can be wrong as it is currently always equally distributed.
  • The result will not contain any sharp edges, but the normals should be correct.

If you encounter any other problems, please let me know, as this could be a fixable bug.


Select a binarized .p3d (in ODOL format) and press the upload button to download the converted p3d in MLOD format.

P3D Debinarization


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If you want to report problems, errors or want to give other feedback you can reach me here:

  • Skype: braini01
  • Discord: I am on the ArmA-Server (Nick: T_D)
  • BI Forums: T_D